Monday, December 01, 2008

Car saga continues!!!!

But this time it isn't the poor car's fault. It is a victim in all this as well: it isn't its fault that it is a nice car that thieves want to steal. It isn't its fault that while it was waiting outside church yesterday in broad daylight, they broke the passenger side lock getting into the car. It isn't its fault that they broke the ignition trying to steal it. It isn't its fault that the only replacement for the ignition lock I can find is really expensive... and I have to replace it otherwise the car won't go. It isn't its fault, but it is still very annoying!!!

But there are still reasons to praise the Lord in the midst of all this: first of all: they didn't take the car! Second the mechanic who has done all the other repairs on the car came through for me on a SUNDAY to at least fix it enough to get it back here where it was behind a gate in case the thieves came back for another go. He is now fixing it and putting an alarm in for the cost of the ignition and the alarm (i.e. not charging me for his labour!). And lastly: well God is good, no matter what we are going through!


Anonymous said...

Odkud ti slika sa snijegom, sjedimo sa Irom i zezamo se sa racunarom koji su taman danas popravili. Snijeg u BL - lazna informacija? David

Mgli said...

Wow! I almost said 'that was good luck', but it wasn't, it was God's blessings.
God is good, indeed!

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