Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Ok, what? That is actually "HAPPY NEW YEAR" in Finnish if you put it through an online translator... I know this because my colleague, Lea, put "Onnellista uutta vuotta!" on her facebook status and wanting to know what it meant I used a translator: and "Bless Leach Skin" is what came out on the other side... so, I asked her what it ACTUALLY means and she told me "Happy New Year" so this year instead of saying "Happy New Year" I am going to say "Bless Leach Skin!" because frankly it makes as much sense as saying "Happy New Year" (but let's not go THERE...)

Now back to finishing up year-end reports! Oh HAPPY DAY!!

Hope your 2009 will be blessed and fruitful and joyful, overflowing with the knowledge of God's love and all He did for you in 2008!!!

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