Saturday, November 15, 2008

Winter is coming...

The weather so far this autumn has been really amazing: we have all been amazed at how warm it is for this time of year. In fact I suddenly realised last week that by law I am supposed to have the snow chains in my car (from Oct 15-April 15) and I hadn't put them in yet. (I have now!)

This week has been pretty busy: what with coming back from Sarajevo on Monday (and going straight to a Parents' meeting for Fida's child sponsorship project) and Tuesday is always busy as we have our team meeting in the morning and English Class and the Club from 4.30-9.

On Wednesday morning we went to Sanski Most (about an hour and a half's drive away) to a meeting with two other churches in this area to pray. It was really encouraging to be together and to pray for each other. We got back by 3pm to have a meeting with Miika's new Fida bosses. It was nice to meet them and it looks like they will be great for this region.

Thursday was me trying frantically to finish my Bible school assignment (due Friday) in between everything else. I finished it on Friday morning and then decided I really needed to winterise my car: so I ran around getting tyres changed and checking antifreeze and changing oil. I must admit that even though it is a chore it isn't too bad because I have great mechanics and a nice tyre guy: and because I trust them I know that the car is in good hands. My mechanic even managed to fix the windscreen sprayer (which is such a little thing but you really can't drive in snow and rain without it) and even though it took a while didn't charge me for that!

So, now I am ready for winter and it probably won't come until after I leave for South Africa in January!!!

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