Saturday, November 08, 2008

Sarajevo with David and Dragana

Ok, David was complaining that I hadn't had a post in a few days: he is always teasing me at my amazing blogging: he says I am a legend, but that I had let him down this week: so here is a post just for him!!

I am in Sarajevo for the weekend with Dragana and David. I will be going in on Monday to hand in the papers for my application for British Citizenship (through my mother!). David needed to come to Sarajevo to spend time with some of the EUS/IFES people down here and Dragana needed to go on Friday to Tuzla: so we combined all the trips and came together! It was a long trip yesterday via Tuzla, (almost 6 hours), but with good company it didn't feel quite so long!!

Today we just hung out with Enisa and others and David and Dragana went into town. In the evening we watched "National Treasure". Here are some pictures: Vedrana with Dragana: Enisa, David and Jessica: the EUS staff altogether: And later Vedrana's brother, Milan joined us: here they are together: I am sure we will have lots of fun for the rest of the weekend, before we head back to Banja Luka on Monday!!

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