Saturday, November 01, 2008

Strategic planning...

Our team spent yesterday in a seminar all day on strategic planning: We had to work on a vision statement and a mission statement for our Humanitarian Organisation, "Most" (Bridge). Here it is:


"Istinitom putem do pravog zivota"

"By the true way to the right life"


"H.O. "Most" djeluje u Banja Luci i okolini kroz socialne i razvojne programe prema hriscanskim vrijednosti sa ciljem pozitivne promjene pojedinca i društvo u cjelini."

"H.O. "Most" works in Banja Luka and the surrounds through social and development programs according to Christian values with the goal of positive change in individuals and society as a whole."

It was nice to work as a team and put onto paper something like this for our organisation. We went on to work on strategic aims and actions plans and are very fired up for the next year!!!

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