Sunday, November 16, 2008

lunch at Dragana's

Yesterday, we were invited to a pita lunch at Dragana's house and we had a great time!! I am still full!

Here we are: Dragan, Sonja, Dragana, Ljilja, me and David:When Dragan and Sonja got married, they had Dragana and I help to put the traditional "buttonhole bouquets" on the guests at the wedding. The tradition is that the guests pay for them and the money goes to the girls who do the decorating. It ended up being quite a lot of money and they were insistent on us taking it: as it is the tradition. Neither of us were happy with this... In the end Dragan suggested to me that they could take the money and use it to buy a computer for Dragana: and so the scheme began without Dragana knowing about it!

So, now Dragana got a computer two weeks ago, this week connected to the internet and is having a great time chatting with people on msn, yahoo, skype etc. I told her that I would have to warn people on my blog that she is now out there and to take care!!

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