Saturday, November 22, 2008


Yesterday we (l-r:Dragan, Sonja, Ljilja, Dragana, me and David) were over at Dragana and Sonja's for dinner for Sonja's birthday (which was great by the way) and she jokingly said "so when are we going to do it at your house?": seeing as we had been last weekend at Dragana's and I had promised to make brownies "sometime" for everyone. Never one to stare down a challenge, Ljilja volunteered me for today (not that I was that upset: any excuse to make brownies!), that is of course if our heat came back, which it has, PTL!!

So tonight Dragana, Dragan and Sonja came over for some of "my" famous brownies... I made fried chicken and "bubble and squeak" for dinner and even if I say so myself it was really good. (And seeing as everyone ate a lot, I guess the consensus was the same!) And David: you missed your chance, sorry!

Here are Dragan and Sonja enjoying the brownies: I couldn't get them to stop and pose they were enjoying them too much!!

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