Monday, November 03, 2008

David's House Warming

Ok, David had a party for our team (6 nationalities!!) tonight - just Olja and some of the kids missing - but the rest squishing into David's new place for a evening of Czech cuisine and fun!! At one stage we got to talking about saunas - which is interesting because of course the Ukrainians and Fins do it in the nude and the rest of us have a leeetle bit of a problem with that...It is a good thing that even with the cultural differences we really like each other and can joke at the discrepancies!!!

Here is everyone in David's bedroom/lounge: Sinisa, Miika, Mirjam, Jijska (who came to keep Vera company) and Lea. David, Ljilja, Ira, Vera and Sergej: The girls were so cute and had a lot of fun. Here they are with "teta" (auntie) Ljilja, their favourite: In David's apartment the toilet doesn't flush like it is supposed to, so he has invented the "Flushing Duck" to solve this problem:
If you can't read it, it says in 3 languages "Flushing Duck: Push the head first then push the tail" And it works!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

this duck thing is a TOTAL HOOT! only david would think of doing this!! i LOVE IT!! i would have to go to the bathroom all the time at his house so i could push the duck!! please give that duck a big hug ;-). Love you both!!

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