Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Chika Sergej

My colleague, Sergej, comes from the Ukraine and besides being a great teammate, he is also a great handyman to have around, especially with anything to do with things electric! Last year we changed all the light fittings in the house (well, actually Sergej did! Did I mention how much we love Sergej?) . While he was doing the one in the lounge last year, we were also looking after little Matej, who was just over 2 at the time. He just sat on the floor and was totally fascinated with "Chika Sergej" (Uncle Sergej) while he was fixing the light. About 2-3 months later his mom told me that she and another friend were talking about "Sergej" and when Matej heard the name, he said "Sergej" and pointed up at the light: it took her a little while for her to work out why!!

Anyway, today Sergej had to come and put another light fitting in the lounge as the other one was from the Chinese store and well, it burnt out (luckily without causing a fire!). This one was a little bit more expensive, but will also hopefully last a little bit more than a year!

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