Saturday, October 11, 2008

Zdravko Colic LIVE...

The city of Banja Luka last night was all about ONE thing: the Zdravko Colic concert on the main square downtown. One of the greatest Bosnian Serb artists of all time and FREE - so you can imagine how many people were there - madness!! In fact it was so mad, we lost half of our group and couldn't find them again as the mobile network was jammed with everyone trying to call everyone else to try and find each other!!

I ended up just with Stasha and Milan from English Club as we lost David and Miika on the way. And it was great fun - they were the best company because they knew about as many songs as I did: so we were singing along to the ones we knew and just humming to those we didn't!

Here am I with Stasha:
And with Milan:
All in all, despite some fights breaking out around us, we had a really nice time enjoying the music and the atmosphere of the biggest concert of the year!!

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