Thursday, October 30, 2008

Post on Family...

I am back safely in Banja Luka, and trying to catch up with all the stuff I need to catch up. I will post more pics of my trip soon. I wrote this post about family on Friday, but didn't have a chance to post it, but here it is:

"I decided to write a post on my feelings on family, as I have just spent a week with mine. I guess our family is pretty unique in that we really are spread out all over the world-my parents are still in South Africa, but my brother in Canada, my sister in England and of course me in Bosnia. We hadn’t all gotten together since my brother’s wedding in 2001: although we had seen each other individually in between. So it is a rare thing for us to be altogether!!

But even so, families are the ones that know how to push your buttons and place you in the mould that you grew up in, even if you are now all grown up: I will always be the baby of the family, no matter that I have lived on my own for however many years: my parents will always treat me as their baby. They are the people who HAVE to love you even if you are horrible to them, so of course it is easy to take them for granted and abuse them. Families are the ones with whom you share fond (and not so fond) memories, mutual experiences that bond you together (or drive you apart in some cases).

And that is what I am so glad about this trip for: it was a time to make new memories together: Dad’s fantastic 70th birthday will definitely be in the books as one of the best parties ever. Kevin’s Charity Shop Birthday Gift Challenge was some of the most fun I think we have had altogether (especially when we were all running on ahead to be the first to the next charity shop to find the best stuff!). Yesterday I made some lovely pictures with Amy – one was her self-portrait! – and taught James a couple of chords on the guitar and this morning we played “telly-tubby monster” (long story) in my bed before Amy went to school: I am definitely the “Fun Aunty”!!

I have decided that being part of my family is not always easy and there are always going to be underlying “stuff” going on – but that it is worth it, because God put you in the family you are in, and you only get to have the one!!!"

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Anonymous said...

Belinda - I'm glad that God put us in the same family. You are a wonderful person. (As my mother reminds me often!)
Miss you!


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