Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I arrived on Saturday in time for my Dad's 70th birthday party. It was a great party. And my dad was very very chuffed. My sister, Astrid, had slaved away and made little fantastic fancy finger foods for the 40 or so people that came. The great thing about the party is a lot of very different people who have been in my dad's life came to celebrate: from all over including: My mom's cousins from Switzerland, my dad's good friends from Nottingham, another friend from Toronto, and of course my brother from Canada! This is me with Robin (my sister-in-love) and Dave and Sarah (I stayed with them in London): My brother (with Robin's help) made this great computer cake for my dad: and yes a laptop had to give up its life for it to be made:
Here I am with my brother, Kevin and his wife. I realise now I didn't get a pic with my sister and her husband: will have to remedy that! (There are some pics with me and the kids - but not on my camera, so will have to do a separate blog about that!)
There were loads of people staying over and so the party lasted well into Sunday morning and again when we woke up as well, so it was just a really great celebration for my dad and his 70th!

Unfortunately, my brother had to change his plans and left on Tuesday, which meant that he wasn't able (as expected) to be here for his birthday on Thursday. So we decided to celebrate it early on Monday night. However, none of us had a present yet: so as we were going to the charity shop capital of Oxford: Headington (where they have 7 charity shops in a row!), Robin decided that we had to have "the charity shop challenge" on Monday: each of us had to buy something for him for under 4 pounds and he had to decide which he liked the best! It was a complete success and we all had great fun trying to find the best present (in the end he didn't choose whose was best, but I think he was very partial to my great find of a pen set with a South African flag on it!!) and he really enjoyed opening them too!!

Here he is with the recycled computer cake (the candles which are for his birthday "36" actually play happy birthday!!) and the crown we made him wear for his party:
I will post more pictures once I get them off other people's cameras...


Anonymous said...

What fun, Bee! You have a beautiful family! I'm so glad you were all together for such a wonderful occasion!

Love you!

Mgli said...

That looks like a lot of fun in your family. If they are all look-alikes like you, something else isn't possible than have fun when you are all together. Hehe.
Hug, Magali

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