Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I arrived Monday night in Newcastle in the North of England, after traveling for 17 hours from Banja Luka (by car, plane and two buses!). I have been staying with Fiona, Rodney and Megan:Yesterday Fiona, Megan and I went out for lunch at "The Badger" and luckily the other guests were in a good mood because Megan decided to play "hide and seek" which was really cute! Here she is hiding (not so successfully) under the chair!
She was so cute this morning: I am leaving today to go visit another friend near here before heading back to London tomorrow - so I had to say goodbye to her before she went to nursery. She said "I am going to miss you", "why don't you come again? I would like that". She is only 3 1/2!! What a charmer!

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Anonymous said...

Aaaaawwww, Bee, it looks like you are having such a good time! I'm glad! Was it a good visit with your family? I hope you travel back home safely!
Much Love --

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