Friday, October 03, 2008

Mom's last day...

It was a beautiful day and so we went walking in town (the first time mom has seen it WITHOUT an umbrella! both trips to Banja Luka have been pretty rainy!) Here we are on the "city bridge" overlooking the river Vrbas . We had bumped into Bojana (a member of the fellowship) and asked her to take it...And in town at the fountains (this was selftimer on the bench):
This is the tree-planting ceremony at the local school which we work with for one part of the child-sponsorship project: and these are the first-years planting the tree of their generation. We were there because Ivana's daughter is in the first grade: before we went to lunch again at Ivana's (but this time mom and I made it and took it over!!) All of Ivana's kids are on the photo -the two younger ones wanted to be with Arna! (you can spot little Dora on the left and Arna and Viktor are behind her):
And I forgot to take a picture at English Club, but we had a great time there with the people who came. We actually did a discussion on Aids and HIV and it was really interesting some of the things that come out of that. I think everyone enjoyed meeting her (and the regulars all came especially to meet her which was nice!).

Afterwards we went to visit my Landlady to say goodbye:
All in all it was a good day and the only reason I wasn't that sad when mom left on Wednesday morning is that I will be seeing her in two weeks when I go to the UK for my father's 70th birthday celebration (and family reunion: first time we will all be together in 7 years!!)

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