Friday, October 03, 2008


Last night we had Mary and Vesna and Naca (Olja's two cousins) over to hang-out. Last year when Mary was here, we had them over for Amarula as they hadn't ever had it before. This year Olja couldn't make it because of Andrijana (her two month old baby), but we decided to have a "girl's night" anyway!

I made pumpkin pie (which was really good!!) which Ljilja took a picture of by the American flag on the fridge, and then I spaced out and didn't get a picture of us altogether, so this is it for pictures:
We also wanted to have Vesna over as she was the one who organised for us to get our internet in 2 days - and so this was a nice way to enjoy her (and her sister's) company and also say thank-you for helping us in that way. And of course we love hanging out with Mary while she is here visiting!!

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Mgli said...

Pumkin pie, hmm, ok, why not :-)
Sorry for the long time ago, I have to less time!
Big hug,

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