Thursday, September 18, 2008

On the way to home group...

Ljilja dropped me off in town so I could go and cancel our old internet on the way to home group. After having all the hassles with it - we now have a new system through the phone company and it is working well! Now I want to see how long it takes them to come take their equipment: and see if they are quicker to come out then than when things aren't working!

I then walked out and met up with one of our Humanitarian Aid project participants who has been coming to my English classes. She hasn't been coming because she forgot when we started up again after our summer break - and so it was nice to see her and also to be able to tell her that we have started up.

I carried on walking and bumped into Vesna, the friend who works for Telekom Srpske and helped us get our new internet connection in two days (when others wait for up to a month - it is not what you know but who here!). Sinisa even said to me "man, Belinda you have more "veza" (connections) in this town than I do" - they had to wait the month!!

I then carried on walking to Sinisa and Olja's and on the way I saw this: The other day I had seen the red part (which if you can't see is an upside down cross) and was saddened by this. I see that someone else was bothered by it because they tried to make it into a proper cross and wrote "Jesus Christ" and "Overcome evil with good". I think despite the fact that they were also destroying property through graffiti it is nice to have a more positive message on the wall. But I waiting to see what will come up next in the "graffit wars"!

Home group was nice - we are studying Daniel and it encourages us: kind of like this graffiti: to not compromise. To live lives that please God and not people. It was good to be reminded of that.

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