Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oh boy!

This past weekend Ljilja was at an Alpha conference at HTB in London. She was supposed to return yesterday, but unfortunately didn't make it on time to her flight back (she was trying to get to Luton airport from the centre of London on public transport which didn't start early enough for her to make it, but she only realised too late). And being a cheap airline (Wizzair), she had to buy a whole other seat on the next flight out which of course is only on Wednesday...

Now, this is where the story gets fun. My mom is coming to visit and she just happens to be flying on the same airline to Zagreb and yes, you guessed it, she is on the Wednesday flight as well!! So, now they will be coming together.

I had already asked my friend Doreen at the YWAM base in Harpenden (near Luton) if she could have my mom stay the night tonight (as the flight is at 7.50am and she would have to leave Oxford at 3am to get there on time) and get her to the airport tomorrow. So when Ljilja missed her flight, I called Doreen and asked her if she could take in Ljilja as well... PTL for wonderful friends who come through in a pinch!!

So, unexpectedly, Ljilja gets a bit of a forced break, I am without a roommate for two days and my mom gets an escort from London to Banja Luka!!

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Magali said...

=p (aren't my post always so lang?)

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