Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oh boy 2!

So, yesterday I am teaching my Beginner's English Class when I get an sms from Ljilja (who had gone to the bus station with Doreen to pick up my mom so they could fly back together today) to say that mom was not on the bus... So in between teaching my poor students I was frantically sms-ing backwards and forwards to try and figure out what had gone wrong.

Once the class was over I ran upstairs to the office and downloaded the voip (like skype out) program I use: which luckily has my sister's number saved in it, and is free to England (you pay 10Euros and get 90 days free to certain countries). So, I called my sister's house in Oxford over the internet. I got my brother-in-law and now picture this: two people at the bus station waiting for my mom... and they are freezing as it is cold... and I say "I am trying to track mom down" (thinking he will say she has just missed the bus or something). He goes "oh wait she is around here somewhere". I get her on the phone (thinking to myself "what is she still doing in Oxford!!") and say "mom, aren't you supposed to be on a bus to Luton right now?" and she goes "was that today?????"!!!

She had completely spaced out (granted she is still jet-lagged from going to Canada to my brother's) and forgot that she was supposed to go on Tuesday to catch the flight on Wednesday morning early (she just thought "Wednesday flight, go Wednesday") and so she was still there!!! Anyway, long story short she managed to get on the next bus (rushing to throw things in a bag, etc) and my wonderful friend Doreen (who is an angel in disguise) went back to get her again off the later bus...

Luckily this morning both her and Ljilja (again the wonderful Doreen dropping them off at the crack of dawn) got on the flight to Zagreb and managed to catch the 12.30 bus through to Banja Luka... so I will go and collect them very soon (yay!!).


Magali said...

again =p

Jacqui said...

Hey B

How did my mind not know that you also have a blog. Discovered it in your last email. I seriously must skim read with out taking in too much info. Wonder what else I have missed out on in the world??? ANy way now that I have found it i have downloaded your RSS feed onto my bloglines so I will be updated every time you post.

Hope your mom gets there safely!!!?!!! What a laugh!

Nicole, Graeme and Janel said...

That sounds like something that would only happen in my family! Hee hee! So glad it's not only us! Glad she's arrived safe and sound now.

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