Monday, September 29, 2008

Mom's visit in pictures...

Mom is still here one more day - but so far we have had a great time... here are some pictures:
At Sinisa and Olja's for lunch on Friday:At Ivana's for lunch on Saturday (spot the pattern!!)And Ivana's children fell in love with Mom - and despite the language difference they were able to communicate!Olja's for cake (and to meet Andrijana) Saturday afternoon: Sunday morning, Church: (see how nice and bright it is with the new lighter colour inside!) Sunday evening: Dragana's for cake Monday: outing to Krupa Falls with Mary: We had a wonderful time: the weather was absolutely great (after a week of rain it was fantastic to see the sun and lots of it!!). We had a picnic lunch and wandered around for an hour - and enjoyed ourselves!!

Here is mom in the working flourmill they have there: Mom, Mary and Ljilja and some of the falls in the background: Mom, me and Mary: Me and mom: Haystack pic on the way home: mom and half a haystack!! Mom and Mary finishing up the puzzle mom has been working on while she is here (1000 pieces!!!) As you can see we have been busy, but it has been FUN!!!


almara said...

Hi Belinda,

Great pictures with your mom!
I read that you have a great time with her and it makes me happy:)..

I hope that you have a good time with eachother the rest of the time!

A lot of blessings for you and your mother!

Volim te

Mgli said...

How 'gezellig'!

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