Wednesday, September 10, 2008

English Club again

Ok, I know I am boring about the English Club, but we had fun last night and so I ended up taking a couple of photos... We were sitting outside as it is still nice here in Banja Luka and the inside STILL smells like paint a month after it was painted (and I had already spent two hours in there having English beginners class so I just couldn't handle it anymore!!). Hopefully it will air out soon...

Here we all are in our glory (Miika had already left): Igor, Branka, Aleksandra, Sofija, Lea and myself.
Aleksandra and Sofija:And of course I never pass up a chance to have my pic taken with the handsome Igor:

1 comment:

Mgli said...

Hi, nice pictures. Thnx to let me know by Facebook.
I really miss you all by watching those pictures.
Big hug and BIG HIGH 5!!!

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