Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Vacation from heaven...

As most of you who have been following my blog know, I have had a really busy "summer" season. Like ridiculous. And I am really really tired. Since May I have had teams, an intern for 2 months, was at camp, had guests coming and going: plus doing the humanitarian etc that I normally do AND Ljilja was away for a month so I was doing her job as well. All my teammates took at least one month off somewhere in the summer and I had not had a break the whole time. (but I am not complaining as I will go home to South Africa on furlough in January when it is summer there and winter here!). So I decided to try and take the last two weeks of August off and just have an "at-home" vacation. But that was not really working as of course I am here and still in the middle of things!!

So why didn't I go somewhere? There are two problems: firstly: because of having to pay for my car to be fixed (as you who read my blog know!) I didn't really got the money to go away and the second I didn't really have anyone to go with (the classic problem with singles!).

Now, last week,my really really good friend, Janice, who used to work in Bosnia but moved away earlier this year to go to another country emailed me to say she was coming back here to get some of her stuff and she really wanted to go away on vacation to the Croatian coast. She offered to help pay for me to go, (she is so sweet!) plus I got a gift from someone, so I have a bit more money... So, now I have someone (actually probably the best person possible!) to go with and the money side is taken care of as well!!! And both of us will get the break we really need!!

The best part is that it is as if God knew this opportunity would come up as I already cleared my schedule and it has to happen this week (as my visa for Bosnia runs out on Sunday and although the renewal is in process I cannot travel -until I get the new visa- after Sunday). And Janice decided literally last minute to come to Bosnia to see everyone and go on holiday and it is all just going to work out!!!

And it really is the best vacation I could imagine - I couldn't have planned it better myself :-)

So, I am off to the train station to go pick up Janice and tomorrow we head for Brela by the sea!

1 comment:

Mgli said...

Cool xD
God is with you!
Big hug, Magali
(I will have money soon on my cellphone, than I will textmessage you and Ljilja =) )

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