Thursday, August 07, 2008

Saying Goodbye...

I hate goodbyes and I have gone through a lot of them, and they don't get easier. And this morning's goodbye with the GO team was especially hard. We had a fantastic 3 weeks of English Club and visiting drop-in centres and the hospital and going 4 times to the orphanage, plus painting the downstairs inside. They were such a fun team and we had such a great time with them that it really was hard to see them go...but go they must - back to Holland and to their lives there. And who knows some of them may be back again sometime!!

I kept telling them they were the most "undutch Dutchies" that I had ever met: They were mostly always late, they were incredibly flexible (they were willing to change plans pretty much every day!) and they were very generous (well Dutchies are actually usually generous, but I told them the meaning of the term "going Dutch" -they mostly didn't know- and they were horrified.)

Here are some photos from their goodbye party last night: First, a fun photo with most of the girls that were there:And then everybody: This is me with the team leaders - Iris and Justin. They are really great people and I really enjoyed working with them! In fact I told them that I would only have a GO Team again if they led it! (no pressure!) (Those of you that know what the downstairs looks like inside: you can see a glimpse of the paint job they did - it is soooooo much lighter than before!)


Mgli said...

Iris and Justin are indeed the best! X

Mgli said...

Hi Bee in Bosnia,
Thanks for al the beautiful memories that you whrited. I really enjoyed reading them. And you really have a talent to take pictures.
I really miss you. I hope to see you once again!
Kisses and hugs,

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