Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Post 300...

Yes, can you believe it? This is my 300th post!! And it is again about the team...

First some cute photos from the orphanage visit yesterday, which was the teams last :-( This is Almara with 3 of the preschool kids: Una, Maida and Mladen:Heidi with little Maja - we did fingerpainting with them and it was GREAT FUN!
Mladen came along to help translate (along with Branka!) and he really got into the colouring! Here he is with Mario and Slavisa.
I have discovered that I now enjoy taking photos rather than trying to be in them, but I had to get a pic with the two winners of the "Simon says" game: Snjeza and (another) Maja who are both regulars at the orphanage English Club.
Then a pic from English Club last night where we played a game where one person was blindfolded and was led just by the voice of their partner. They had to find an object on the other side of the yard, but all at the same time so it was chaos!! (and good fun!) I thought this was a great photo - they all look like they are waiting for execution!!
So, I hope you enjoyed this 300th post as much as my other ones!!

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