Saturday, August 23, 2008

Joel and Jessie...

Ok, the story started when I was checking my junk email box one day and just before I deleted all the "junk" emails I saw one that looked like it wasn't junk. It was from Joel and Jessie Symonds from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, asking for help to find contacts in this region as they wanted to come and see what was going on here - possibly to come back here one day, but also for their home church to be able to pray for what is going on here.

They weren't even planning on stopping in Banja Luka (not being the most well-known place!) but because not many other people got back to them (and I was one that had!) they thought they would make a stop here. Now, I have had a long summer of hosting people and teams and these were supposed to be my two weeks "off" so I actually wrote an email and told them I was sorry but I really couldn't have them now... but luckily just then our internet didn't work (it has been doing that uurgh) so it didn't go right away... In the meantime I actually felt soooo convicted about not having them come that I totally changed the email and told them to come!

I did ask one of my teammates if they could stay in the apartment below them (which is open for the summer) so we didn't have to have them at our house... as I didn't know them from Adam and I am learning that sometimes having unknown people in your house doesn't always work out!!

Anyway, they came, and they are the greatest people. (and I am sad they didn't stay with us! But it was good for them to spend time also with Miika and Mirjam and their girls). I spent pretty much all of Friday with them showing them around and taking them to Sergej and Ira's (and translating for them) and just hanging out with them as we just totally clicked!! They left today after only 40 hours here, and even they said they were really sad that they had to leave so soon (but the rest of the trip is already planned) as they had the greatest time here in Banja Luka!!

At one stage I just felt how God had really put all this together because they have a very similar vision to what our team wants to do here and so after not even wanting to stop off at all, they both want to come back at least to visit (and maybe bring their two little boys whom they left this time in Canada with friends). It is also great that they want to support what we are doing here, especially in prayer!!

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Nicole, Graeme and Janel said...

Isn't it amazing how things work out? Often it's in ways we least expect.

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