Sunday, August 31, 2008

Brela, Croatia

Here are some pics from a lovely 4 days away at the coast! Janice and I had a great time, although it wouldn't have been bad if we could have stayed longer!!

Me with the sea and the signature pine trees in the shot: Isn't the sea blue?? Here are Janice and I with the rocks and the forest in the background...I LOVE this picture of Janice on the steps:
Me and the sunset...
I had a friend who used to laugh at people taking sunset pictures: she would say "Same old sun"... but isn't it just beautiful?? And I was lucky with this next shot as the boat was going back and forth so I had a couple of tries to get him in the rays!!
And lastly a pic of the beach with our hotel in the background:
All in all I had a good week of sun, sea, playing games and hanging out with my bud, Janice!

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Mgli said...

Nice pictures :D

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