Tuesday, July 01, 2008


So, this weekend I went to Zagreb for my YWAM friend, Juliana's wedding to Ivan. I stayed, together with our mutual friend, Natalija (who came up from Hvar) in the YWAM office - so part of the appeal was getting to spend time with her as well! We were both just invited to the church ceremony and the reception there - there wasn't enough space for us at the smaller family reception, but we both figured we would just hang out with each other the rest of the weekend and have fun that way!

So, this is Jules about to walk down the aisle with her dad: Isn't she GORGEOUS?!!Now, the ceremony was nice and normal, up to a point... The minister said "and now the best man will give over the rings" and he got up and made a big show of not having them - and I thought he was just going to joke with them about that - but then all of a sudden at the back of the church Spot, the dog showed up: Juliana called him over and he was carrying the rings on a pouch on his belt! Isn't that just the cutest thing! Now he was actually instrumental in bringing them together (that is another story) so it was great that could he be involved! And a very different way of getting the ring!
After the ceremony, we had a LOT of food... Here I am with JulesAnd then the fun began: Their friends had a WHOLE lot of fun and games, including a quiz to see how much they knew about each other - which they passed quite well, seeing as they only met in December!!
Here I am with Jasna (with YWAM in Croatia), Jules, Ivan and Natalija.
And then... de da de da... at the LAST minute we got invited to the smaller reception as some of Ivan's family decided not to come. We literally ran to catch the bus...
The reason they needed a bus is because the next reception was in Opatija on the Croatian coast - about 2 hours drive away!!!! We did have more food and fun on the bus on the way and when we arrived, the view from the terrace was worth the wait! Here I am with Natalija:
It was so great to completely unexpectedly be able to be a part of the whole wedding, until the early hours of Sunday morning and then we headed back to Zagreb by bus... and yes it is the latest night (or early morning really!!) I have had in a LONG while!!!!

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