Sunday, July 13, 2008

Visiting Olja...

We went to visit Olja and for Ljilja to show her her pictures from the US (and us - she only just finished organising them today!). Here is Ljilja feeling her baby move(she is no 8 months pregnant). She is an active little girl- constantly on the move - already giving her mom a run for her money! And spot how brown Ljilja is!!Here is another pic of Olja so you can see her tummy (we promised Mary to take pictures so she could see how big she had gotten). They are going to induce her in a month (if she hasn't already given birth) so her doctor can go on holiday on the 12th!! (gotto love that - organising when the baby will be born according to Doctor's holiday schedule).
While we were there, Marisha had Bosnian coffee for the first time (and she didn't like it much - which isn't really a surprise as she doesn't like coffee). Here she is with her cup before the first sip. We have a pic of the "after" but I promised I wouldn't put it on my blog as it isn't very flattering :-)

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Anonymous said...

Bee -- I LOVE your blogs! They are so fun! I love how you "make a day" of things and spend time with friends talking and eating ice cream! I wish we were more relaxed in the USA! It seems we are always on the run doing something "important" and going somewhere "important"! Thanks for the pictures too!
Love -- Pam

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