Thursday, July 31, 2008


So the team went today (again) to the orphanage. There were more kids and it wasn't raining so it went much better than last week when we stuck inside with only 10 kids... We started with the parachute: which the kids LLLLLOOOOOVVVEEEE:Check Hanna with Diana and Gaga from the preschool section - aw cute!!
We also did a song, and played football, and volleyball, basketball and bowling, and with balloons, and then when it was too hot to be in the sun - we did some drawing (including body painting) and glueing in the shade:After this we played with water balloons, and had a lovely water fight!!

The kids had a FANTASTIC time - but it was a leeeetle bit tiring for me as I was the ONLY translator/crowd controller -none of the English Club could make it- and so I hope that more of them can make it tomorrow when we go back again... although the Dutchies did a great job of communicating using "hand and feet"!

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