Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Kids at the hospital...

So, today we went with the team to the Children's ward at the hospital. Igor (pictured below with Magali, Dejan and their balloon-sword)'s mom works there and so we set up for them to come and play with the kids. First the team made all the kids balloons. Here is Adela with her flower, and Hanna and Almara showing two dogs for other kids behind her:Then they did a drama-below are Maarten and Magali in one part of the drama:
Followed by a craft project based on the drama.

They were helped with translation by my fantastic English Club members: Here are Branka and Aleksandra with Dragana and all the balloons she got:
All in all, we definitely brought joy to the lives of the children and people who work in the hospital!

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