Wednesday, July 23, 2008

John and Mackenzie came to stay

As I mentioned the previous post, John and Mackenzie from the Sarajevo InterVarsity team came to visit for 31 hours! John was Igor's tentmate on camp and he hung out with the "Banja Luka crew" a lot and so we invited him to come up to visit if he could (before the team leaves Bosnia tomorrow!) and he got permission, and Mackenzie wanted to come with him.

We had a blast with them and Igor and Sofija and others from English Club and the team, despite the fact that it rained almost NONSTOP while they were here.

When they left, Ljilja and Marisha took them to the bus station - and there was a bit of a mixup and they got on the WRONG bus!! PTL that the bus driver checked their tickets right away (which is very unusual - they usually only come and check about 1/2 hour into the bus journey!) and so they discovered their mistake and were able (JUST) to get on the right bus. (it was the last bus back to Sarajevo, so if they had missed it I am not sure what we would have to do as they are leaving for Austria tomorrow!)

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