Sunday, July 13, 2008

Jajce trip...

We had to go to Jajce (about an hour and a half away) to go pick up someone in the afternoon, so we decided to make a day out of it... Marisha and I invited Igor to come on an adventure with us, and he willingly came along.

Here is a self-timer photo from the top of the car with us in front of the mills near Plivkso lake:
We then went to swim on the river further down - at a weir there. We stayed there and played cards and swam and tried to stay inconspicuous because it is a very Croat area and Igor was worried about them finding out that he is Serb. (he is so funny as there really won't be a problem!) He wanted to only talk in English, so they wouldn't notice the accent. Marisha suggested that he pretend that he was Ukrainian, as he was with and American and a South African, and so we could all be foreigners!! In the end there was no problems and we left to go to Jajce itself. First we went to look at the waterfall:
Then we tried to walk around Old Town, but by then it was really hot, so we just made it up to one part and took the below picture before heading down to have icecream in town!!

We had cevapi for lunch and even took some back with us for Ljilja (it is different in Jajce than in Banja Luka, and both she and I think it is better). Igor hadn't ever had the Jajce version before and wasn't impressed.

All in all it was great day - very relaxing and fun!!

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