Friday, July 18, 2008

EUS/InterVarsity camp Boracko Lake

From the 14th to the 18th, Marisha, Sofija, Igor and myself went to Boracko Lake (near Konjic, between Sarajevo and Mostar) for EUS (Evangelical Union of Students) student camp 2008. Ljilja drove down with us, but carried on to Trebinje (where she spent the week with her family). We were there with 60 other people, about 30 from InterVarsity in the US, the rest from Sarajevo, Tuzla and Zenica.

So, what does one do on an EUS/Intervarsity Camp? First you get up for breakfast, having slept in a nice two-man tent on a nice soft mattress. Here is Marisha, Sofija and Igor on the first morning: (spot my "Marmite" on the table - it was a favourite topic at the camp as no one knew what it was: it is a savoury spread for bread, made from yeast, in case you didn't know)
Breakfast was followed by bible-study in groups. Here is my group (minus me of course).
One of the mornings, I helped translate: Here I am with Vedrana (and as you can see it warmed up a bit from the above picture!)
Then was freetime/lunch/freetime until dinner. You could do various things with your free time. One day we walked to the lake (it was too cold to swim, but it was nice view). Here is the group that did the walk: it is about a half hour round trip.
Or if the weather is nice you can SWIM in the lake. Here are Sofija and Igor enjoying themselves! If you get bored with swimming, you can always play with the camp baby: Joas (Yo-as) who was actually on his second camp, having been in his mum Anneriet's tummy last year at camp! Here he is with Sofija: Or else there is Volleyball at the campsite, and this was a favourite. Here are Marisha and Sofija: Or else another favourite activity was cards and games. Here we are playing "nerts"!
Then in the evening, there was a talk around the theme of the camp (relationships). The first night was Tiffany talking on girl-guy relationships (being a newly-wed she has some experience!) Here she is telling us something about a three-legged stool (with Senka her translator - I translated the last night for Sasa the pastor of the Evangelical Church in Sarajevo, which was an interesting experience). Each night, after the program, we had a campfire and sang Bosnian and English songs and generally had a good time. Here I am playing some Bosnian favourites with Sladjan - good times!!!So that is what generally happens on an EUS camp!

On Friday, Ljilja came to get us and because it was her birthday, we HAD to make her a cake of some sort, which on a camp in the middle of nowhere is easier said than done! But we managed and she was really happy with her improvised banana/cheese cake: (that is an LJ and a heart spelt out in banana in case you can't read upside down). It was nice for her to hang out with some friends she generally wouldn't get to see, but after a while it was time for us to finally leave and make our way back to Banja Luka... Just time for last minute goodbyes with newly made American friends: Here is the Banja Luka crew plus John and Akaite in front of Miika's jeep which we got to use to get there and back. So, all in all camp was great! We all had a great time and can't wait for next year!!!

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