Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dutch Team...

As I have previously mentioned, the YWAM GO team arrived on Saturday night. We have been having a great time with them this week. On Monday morning, Sinisa shared with them about Banja Luka, Bosnia and a bit about his own story, before they spent most of the rest of the day cleaning our building (which needed a good clean!!). Here they are listening to Sinisa, while I translate for him:In the evenings, we have English Club with them. We decided on Tuesday night to do something different from the usual club and have different games set up on different tables and just to hang out that way. It was great fun!

We were also joined on Tuesday by John and Mackenzie from the InterVarsity team that is in Sarajevo. We met John on camp (he was Igor's tentmate) and he hung out with us a LOT, so we invited him to come up if he could - and he made it happen, even if it was just for 31 hours!!! (and Mackenzie - who is also great - came with him!) So the pic below is the "nerts" table (Michael we thought of you!): Mackenzie, Igor, Branka, John, Sofija and Ceca.
Others played UNO or did pictionary, or just hung out and chatted: Here is the UNO table: Marisha, Aleksandra, Nienke, Magali, Almara, Iris and Aleksandra.
Tuesday and Wednesday, during the day, we went to visit to "drop-in" centres: one for people with mental health problems and one for the elderly. Here we are with the old people: The Dutchies sang a song for them in Dutch: "We bless you in the name of the Lord".
They also did a great drama which was very well received: Below is Magali and Almara in one of the scenes.
One of the reasons that we went to the drop in centres is to be able to build up contacts for the future. Here I am with the lady that runs the centre for the elderly (Deb and Corina - spot what I am wearing!): Teta Mara (Aunty Mara). She was so appreciative of our visit and when thanking the Dutchies for coming made the comment : I hope you will also do something similar for the old people in your own country! (very wise woman!) So as you can see we are having a great time with them here - will keep you updated on the rest of their time too!!

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