Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dutch team with Dorcas project participants:

The team hosted a party for our Dorcas project participants (30 families with children) with their kids. It was great! They made balloons for them: either swords, crowns, dogs or flowers...Here are Dragana, Mihajlo and Anastasia:
Then it was time for learning a song: The team had learnt a song in Serbian: "Father Abraham" and it went down really well...
This was followed by a drama about the heart. Here is the ending where she gives her heart to the only one who won't hurt it...
This was followed by crafts and games inside for the children: Here are some of the Dutch team, their translators (from the English Club) and the kids playing "burst the balloon":
And here are the two winners trying to burst each other's balloons: In the end we decided they would both win before it got too bad!!
All in all it was a great time for the kids and the parents enjoyed the chance to sit and chat amongst themselves as well as with the team.

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