Thursday, July 10, 2008

Banja Luka Museum

So, Marisha and I went to have a look at the Banja Luka Museum yesterday. I hadn't ever been (I tried once but they were closed) and Marisha was interested, so off we went... They had some very interesting displays of national costumes, and the history of the region. But being me, I only took photos of the fun stuff. This is the village guy in his village hut sitting in front of his fire (but spot the mismatched hands, one is darker than the other!!):Then they had a display of all different animals and birds from the region. Here is the fish eagle grabbing his fish, with fake blood and all!!
Then the best section (but the most horrible) is a whole display on the Concentration Camp "Jasenovac". Here I am with the "friendly" Nazi guy. The Jasenovac camp was run by the "Ustashe" who were Croats and killed Jews and Gypsies, but also Serbs in great numbers. I must admit that I only managed to look at half of the pictures before I just couldn't look anymore. I can't understand how these things happened. And I was reminded this week that it is the anniversary of Srebrenica, where an undetermined (it depends on who you ask) number of people were massacred and all I can do is pray that it will never happen ever again...

There is a funny story about this display and a team from the US which I have to tell... to bring some levity to this entry... A team that was here in May went to the museum and then went straight to Ivana's house (she is a member of the Fellowship who is from Croatia - her husband is working for the Croatian embassy in Banja Luka) afterwards for pancakes. They were full of the impressions from the displays they had seen at the museum and were going on and on about how horrible the Ustashe and Croats were and on and on about all the atrocities they had done... not realising that Ivana is Croatian!!!!!! (Luckily she thought it was just as funny as I did!)

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