Monday, June 02, 2008

YWAM Central European Staff Conference in Slovakia

So, I went to the YWAM CESC in Slovakia. I had a great time. It took me one whole day to get there and one whole day to get back, and I spent all three days in meetings from early until late (one day I realised I hadn't actually been outside the building ALL day!) but it was so nice to connect with everyone else who works in this region and also just get a bigger picture of YWAM than littl' ol' me here in Banja Luka.

One of my roles in YWAM is as part of the YWAM CE communications team along with my good bud Becky (who is from the US but works in the Czech Republic). I got to spend time with Becky actually working together in the same place (as opposed to over email and via skype!) and we had a great time! Also, because we have been putting out the Central European Newsletter, everyone knows (and appreciates) us, so it was like being a celebrity!

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