Saturday, June 21, 2008

What's up in BL - but no photos...

I am quite sad that I don't have photos to post as I don't have a camera and there is something wrong with the program for Marisha's camera and so we can't download her photos. I have remedied the camera situation (I was just using Ljilja's because mine died last year and with hers gone I don't have one!) by getting one for Ljilja to bring back (I bought it on ebay and got a really good deal - thanks to Corina and Ljilja for finding it for me!), so I am looking forward to that!

Hopefully we can figure out Marisha's camera because she made "Bosnian pita" with my friend (ie not Sinisa's wife) Olja's mom on Thursday and we have some really sweet photos of that. Olja and I sat and chatted while the two of them got on with it - well we did give them a hand in translating every now and again - but both Marisha and Mrs Rakic are experts in "hand and feet" and they got on great. And the pita was really good!

Mrs Rakic (we call her that as her first name is really hard to remember) is the best pita maker I know (and I know a lot!). She was even telling us that in order to pass "home ec" at school she had to make "pita" for the exam - and in the time they had for the exam she made her pita and then also for 5 other girls in the class who didn't know how - and all of them passed the exam! (They have a tradition of copying in exams here, but this was the most extreme case I have heard of!!!)

Thursday night we had our second "FILM NIGHT" which we are running Thursday nights through the summer (in English). We watched "Evan Almighty" last week and "Ice Age 2" this week - with discussion led afterwards by Marisha. The members of the English Club wanted to get more people to attend and so Igor, Branka and I went to hand out flyers last night in town which was fun...

So anyway, Marisha left yesterday on the train to go to Sarajevo to a conference (she was supposed to go with Miika, but he couldn't go at the last minute so I organised for her to get picked up by someone on the station and off she went!) and will be back tomorrow. I have decided that I don't know how I could live two whole years by myself - I must say that God has really blessed me by giving me a great roommate (and a great substitute in Marisha while Ljilja is in the US!!)

So, anyway enough of me just prattling on - will try and get some pictures from M's camera at some stage to post on here!!!

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