Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday School review

Today at the Christian Fellowship, we had a small review of the Sunday School year, organised mostly by Ivana, with Olja's help. The children did a fantastic job of telling all the stories (off by heart!) that they had learned during the year (using the flannelgraph) and then singing the songs that they learnt during the year as well. Here are some photos:

Olja on the left with the kids, singing:Dora, Ivana's youngest, was "instrumental" in the singing!! Ivana on the right singing with Vera, Arna and Viktor:

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Anonymous said...

Bee: I am so sorry about the trouble with your visa! Keep trusting that something good will happen and God will take care of you! Somehow He always finds a way to show us His miracles! I love the pictures from Sunday School! The children are all having so much fun! Thanks for sharing your days with us!

Love to you!

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