Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Long day...

Today started with me waking up way to early and then the workmen arriving to start replacing my electricity box (which is sooo old that it is really scary) and me realising that my clever plan to be home working on my computer was not going to work because there, of course, wouldn't be electricity!!

I had to take Marisha over to Ivana's to work on some craft stuff for her there and so I decided to just go over to the office (which is on that side of town) and work there. PTL, my wonderful landlady said she would look after the workmen! I had a lot of stuff to do on the computer and worked until 2 when I headed over to eat at Ivana's (and she makes great lunches!)

After that I came back home to help clean up and pay the workmen, before heading to the shop to get stuff for the seminar we held tonight for our one project and then onto the fellowship building to set up for the seminar.

Olja (who is Sinisa's wife) was leading the seminar, which was on how to better go about getting a job - through organising your CV, preparing for interviews, etc. She did a fantastic job! It finished after 8.30 and Marisha and I cleared up and came home... and now I am blogging about my long day before heading to bed!

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