Tuesday, June 03, 2008

last day of 33 celebration

As I am taking Ljilja to Zagreb today on my actual birthday (she flies out early tomorrow, so we have to be there sometime today and will sleep over with Juliana) I decided to celebrate the last day of being 33 by having everyone over yesterday. I had Sinisa and Olja over for a (really) late lunch which was really fun! (I love them soooo much!) and we also got to celebrate the fact that Olja graduated yesterday with a "10" (perfect grade!) , so now she is officially a qualified social worker!! PTL!

Later on, we had a few people over for "cake" - this year I made peppermint crisp pudding from ingredients my mother sent to me from South Africa. It is sooooo good, but you can't get ANY of the ingredients here (well, other than whipped cream) so it is something that is very special to be able to share with people. I didn't take many photos (I know, I know) and some of them didn't come out too well - so this is the only one that is any good: Aleksandra, Selmina, Sveto and Ljilja and me wearing my "33" shirt (the last day I can wear it!!)
(there were others at the party, but you will just have to take my word for it :-) )

One of the most special presents that I have ever received I got last night from Ceca (one of my English Club). She made me a book with guitar chords for Bosnian songs - all hand written out - as she knows that I want to learn how to play more Bosnian songs. It took a lot of effort and I was really touched. And of course it is now an even bigger incentive to learn how to play the songs!!

All in all I am feeling really spoilt and blessed, and loved most of all!

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LeAnne said...

Happy first day of being 34... i think :)

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