Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bad news on my "stalni" (long stay visa)

This afternoon, I went out for coffee with my friend Aleksandra and her aunt, who works in the office for foreigners (where I get my visa to stay here). I had heard rumours that there were changes in the law and I wanted to find out where I stood for my long-stay visa, which I was due to finally be able to get this year. So I asked Aca to set up the "coffee date" so I could ask someone what the actual story was. Well, the bad news is that the law has completely changed and I cannot get a long-stay visa anymore on the kind of visa that I am on (a volunteer). Even worse, they do not even take into account the 5 (well 7, but I had a break) years I have been here - even if I were to start working (which is one of the visas you can get a long-stay visa on) I would have to have 5 more years of visas before I would be able to apply. So this means I cannot get my long-stay visa anytime soon...

I am a little saddened by this news, as I was sooooo looking forward to finally not having to go through the visa process every year. The bright side is I can still stay on this visa, but I will have to renew every year (so at least they haven't done away with this kind of visa altogether). The downside is that they are going to be making more checks and it will be even harder to get this visa!

I know that I can totally trust God and that He has a plan, but sometimes I wish that it would get easier, not harder!!

Anyway, Marisha and I decided to console my woes with some brownies (she made them from my recipe) and Amarula milkshakes... nothing like a sugar high and alcohol to make you feel better!!

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Rev. Patricia Paige Harrison said...

Hi Belinda,
Love your pictures! I'm praying for your visa situation. You are doing an incredible work for the Kingdom. God bless you!


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