Saturday, May 03, 2008

Srcocret - Zagreb

Ljilja and I went yesterday with Miika to Srcocret - a youth conference in Zagreb, Croatia - just for the day. There were over 1000 people and it was so well organised! For instance: there was free transport on the trams and buses in Zagreb for all of the participants. We, having to drive 3 hours from Banja Luka arrived late and missed the first part of the morning lecture so Ljilja and I decided to play hooky for the second part and go have a wander around Zagreb (she had never been to Zagreb before). Here I am in front of the Art Museum. The architecture is really beautiful.I even took her up into "Gornji grad" or upper town where we had to take our picture with our new friend:
We went back to the conference for workshops they had in the afternoon. After the workshops they had 3 locations in the city where they held concerts and approximately one third of the participants went to each of the concerts. The concert we were at was by the BiH worship team (who have put out a few cds and are GREAT!) and for me it was definitely the highlight of the day. Not only was the concert great, but we also got to hang out with some people we don't normally get to see.
Here I am at the concert with Vanja and Dina who work in Jajce.
In the evening, there was a concert on the main square which as you can see below was well received. The Mayor of Zagreb even sent a letter to be read out with his blessing on the conference - amazing when you realise that Croatia is a very Catholic country and here the mayor of the Capital city supported something run by the Evangelical churches!
We only got home after 12pm, making it a really long day, but I think it was worth it!!!

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