Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mostar with Marisha

We went to Mostar on Friday to go to the EUS (student) meetings that were being held there. As Trebinje is just an hour and a half from Mostar, Ljilja went home for the weekend and we stayed with my friend Carolyn. The meetings were good - Samuil who leads EUS in Serbia was the speaker and he is really good. And it was great seeing everyone from EUS as well - it has been a while!

Then while we were having dinner on Friday night with everyone from EUS and Jelena from Mostar was horrified to find out that I had never been to Blagaj and "Kravica" Falls. So, she organised for Jennifer to drive (as my car was with Ljilja in Trebinje) and we went on our adventure on Saturday! Here is Marisha and I in Blagaj at the mouth of the river Buna. We don't have any pics of the house where we are standing, which is what Blagaj is famous for. I will have to post them later. It is pretty cool. Here we all are at Kravica falls (which means "little cow"!). They were really beautiful. L-r Jennifer, Jelena, me, Marisha and Carolyn. Will have to come back in summer when we can go swimming... Carolyn took good care of us throughout the weekend, and took us around the old town today. And yesterday we also got to go visit Sabrina and David Lively. I studied language with Sabrina an age ago - BD - before David. Now she has two small girls- Irena and Klara- and it was great seeing her!

But on Saturday night we stayed in and watched "Eurovision" which is the yearly BIG music contest here in Europe. (it is how ABBA became famous in the 70s). All countries can send entries, and 25 compete on the night after either being in the top 10 from last year or getting through the semis and each country gets to vote as well.

We enjoyed ourselves, even though it isn't necessarily about the best song, but about allegiances: so the former USSR republics all vote for each other as do Norway for Sweden and Denmark, etc... In the end, Russia won. It was a good song, so I am not unhappy - but it is mainly because they have a lot of former repiblics voting for them!! Bosnia came in the top 10, which means we go straight to the final next year so we are happy (last year we came 11th which meant we had to do the semi-final this year).

All in all it was a fun weekend in Mostar!

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