Sunday, May 11, 2008

English Club at the Orphanage

Here is a picture of the group from Thursday night's English Club at the orphanage: From left to right: Mladenka, Maja, Sofija (from our English Club), Maja, Momir, Mladen, me, Snjezana, Milica, Suljo, Srdjan (who is one of the two carers for the "Family" unit where we hold the Club), Danijela. In front, Mario with Milan (from our English Club). Behind the couch hiding is the 3rd Maja as she hates having her picture taken! Taking the picture is Lea, and two of the US team were with us as well.

It was the quietest club that we have had yet as I told them the two ('older') American "uncles" didn't like a lot of noise. It was still quite noisy, but quieter than normal!! But the aim is for them to pick up English while having fun, and a little noise never killed anyone!

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Anonymous said...

Bee: That is great that so many people are wanting to learn English! What a good teacher you must be! I like your comment about noise! I am bad about not wanting noise when trying to learn something new. I get easily distracted! Thanks for the reminder that a little noise never killed anyone! That is very true!

Love you & Lili --

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