Thursday, May 08, 2008

Dragana and Sergej

We were over at Dragana's house today as it was her family's "slava" (Saint's Day celebration) on Tuesday (which is Djurdjevdan - St George's Day) and so we were there for the 3rd day of the celebrations. We couldn't go in the evening with everyone else as I am off with the team to the orphanage, so we went just with Aleksandra earlier in the day for an early lunch. Here we all are: Dragana, Ljilja, myself and Aleksandra.One of the fun things about going to Dragana's place is getting to hang out with her nephew, Sergej, who is turning 2 next month. He is a darling. He calls me "Bimba" and is always asking when I am going to come to visit. When Dragana is talking to me on the phone she says "Its Bimba" and he says "gdje?" (which means "where?"). And when the phone rings they ask him "who is it?" and he says "Bimba!!" Here we are: (can you tell he hates having his picture taken?)
One time I took Dragana home from somewhere and he didn't know I was coming and they asked him "who is at the door?" and he actually said "Bimba?"!!! Then when I went in and he saw me in the hallway they asked him "who's that?" and he made the motion with his hand like "the crazy lady"!! I love it when people (especially at such a young age) are open about their true feelings about you!

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Anonymous said...

AAWW He is soo cute! Those are great pictures! Thanks for sharing what you are doing. I know you and Lili have been gone the last couple of days and I miss you!! : ) All the way here in America.....I miss you!

Love you --

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