Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Benny's Concert

Benny from India was here today. He arrived this morning, but unfortunately I wasn't feeling well all day, but Marisha took him around town and did a great job of showing him around (so I could rest and be well enough for tonight).

And then he had two concerts tonight. One at the English Club for about 10 of us, and then one at the Music Pavilion in the main downtown park in Banja Luka for over 150 people! He did a great job, and he shared some of his story and how God has changed his life. He also shared about the fact that he as an Indian is able to travel (with God's help) all over the world - 169 countries so far - despite needing visas for every country! Below he is playing (at the English Club) his unique guitar with bongos and harp built on. This is us at the English Club: Zeljka, Milan, Sanja, Branka, Ceca, Igor, Lea, me Benny, Marisha. This is some of our friends at the concert: Milan (who translated for him and did a great job), Ceca, Marisha, Sanja, Ljilja, Sinisa, Benny and me

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