Friday, April 18, 2008

Pim the Dutchie

This week I got to be the guide, translator, hostess, etc to Pim, a 22 year old intern from Holland with Dorcas Aid who is doing research for them on small and medium size businesses, the problems they encounter and the best way to help them do better here in Bosnia.

Sinisa was supposed to be looking after him on Wednesday and I was taking him on Thursday as he couldn't. However, his really good friend passed away on Tuesday and the funeral was on Wednesday in a town 3 hours away, so he was otherwise engaged and so I took him on Wednesday as well. So, in between the other stuff I normally do, I took him around town and to some friends who have small businesses to get him some of the interviews he needed. We also went to the Chamber of Commerce and all the people we needed to talk to were not there, so he will have to do all that over email.

Sinisa did go with him (and I organised a translator for them from my English Club - thanks Milan!) to two businesses on Thursday while I was teaching English at the orphanage.

It was interesting for me to see how well I could translate into Serbian including lots of business language and economic stuff - I surprised myself at how well I did - although sometimes I didn't know some of the terms and had to explain things, but I always managed to figure out a way to get what he wanted to ask across...

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