Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kumski project

Today I went visiting with Ljilja to some of the kids from Fida's sponsorship project. Miika and Mirjam are here with Fida which is a Finnish organisation. Ljilja has been working with them since September last year. Each month the kids are visited by a worker from Fida (Ljilja) and a volunteer (me in this case) and given something that they needed (the parents say what to buy in advance). This month: school stuff! Here I am with Bojana and her sister Kristina.And here is Ljilja with Slavisa:
The project is called "Kumski" instead of "sponsorship" as it is much nicer to say that they have a "Kum" or "Godparent" in Finland than a "sponsor" - it seems like a nicer relationship. So far there are 10 children in the program - in first or second grade - and their "Kums" will sponsor them throughout their primary schooling.

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