Friday, April 25, 2008

Igor and Sofija and the orphanage kids...

So, last night some of the English Club and I went as usual to the orphanage to play games to teach English. This week we played a special game for Easter as it is Orthodox Easter this weekend (the Orthodox church uses a different calendar from the Western Churches) and we had fun. Above is Igor playing with his group and below, Sofija with her group.
After this game we played "Simon says" which is their favourite game (especially as the winner gets a little prize) which I normally lead at the end each week. It is a great way for them to learn commands and body vocabulary in English. This week I discovered the bliss of teaching the command "be quiet". Because of course if Simon says "be quiet" those that talk are out of the game... It is a GREAT!!! Why didn't I think of it before??

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Anonymous said...

Hey Belinda! I hate to see you have "no comments" when you work so hard to keep us updated! Thanks for taking time to talk to Deb and I this afternoon (evening for you) : ) You two are so special! I know the kids/people that you teach are also very grateful for you!

Lots of Love from the USA!

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