Thursday, April 03, 2008

English Club and the Orphanage with pics!!

So, it is Thursday- that means English at Dom "Rade Vranjesevic" (the orphanage in Banja Luka) with the English Club. Tonight it was just Lea, Milan, Ceca and myself, and we had a good time. Here is Milan playing "Go Fish" with Mladenka and Maja. Here I am with my group, also playing "Go Fish". The lady on the left is Duska - the teacher who looks after the kids in this group. The little boy looking at the camera is Momir and he is 10 years old and a complete honey-pie.
This is Ceca and her group. Standing is Goran who is 13. Sitting is Momirka and Maja.
Ceca and Maja.
Milan and Nemanje (cuuuuuute!)
We will be going each Thursday and playing games using English and spending time with these great kids!

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